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Property management is more than just collecting rent and keeping your property in good shape. Think of it like running a show - from promoting your property to picking the right tenants, there are lots of important steps. If there is a misstep in tenant screening, it could lead to loss of rent, property problems, and even costly legal battles. Not exactly a real estate owner's dream, right?

We have established a Landlord Scheer protection program to shield you from these worries, including eviction, rent loss, damages and more. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Now, choosing a property management partner is like choosing your co-star for the real estate adventure of a lifetime. And guess what? At Orlando Expert Realty, we're here to make that decision a breeze. Whether you're a homeowner,or an investor juggling different types of properties, we're all about delivering on our promise: great communication, complete honesty, integrity and transparency and financial bookkeeping.

With years of experience in Central Florida real estate, we know this area inside and out – from the cool places to the school systems, government rules, and what property owners and tenants need. We have the expertise to transform your real estate journey into a resounding success. 

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